Covered in Snow.JPG

Covered in Snow*

Photo Strip Templates

Chalkboard Floral.JPG

Chalkboard Floral*

Chalkboard Lights.JPG

Chalkboard Lights*

Chalkboard Love.JPG

Chalkboard Love

Chunky Glitter.JPG

Chunky Glitter*

Eucalyptus- 3 photo.JPG

Eucalyptus 1 

Eucalyptus- 4 photo.JPG

Eucalyptus 2

Enchanted Forest Lights.JPG

Enchanted Lights*

Fall Leaves.JPG

Fall Leaves

Film Strip.JPG

Film Strip*

Geometric Circles.JPG

Geometric Circles

Geometric Floral.JPG

Geometric Floral*

Gilded Garden Navy.JPG

Gilded Garden Navy 

Gold Confetti.JPG

Gold Confetti*

Great Gatsby Strip.JPG

Great Gatsby 

Ornamental Silver Frames.JPG

Ornamental Silver Frames

Mountain Retreat.JPG

Mountain Retreat

Nature of Love 3-photo.JPG

Nature of Love 1*

Nature of Love 4-photo.JPG

Nature of Love 2*

Painted Leaves 1.JPG

Painted Leaves 1 

Painted Leaves 2.JPG

Painted Leaves 2

Rustic Lace Strip.JPG

Rustic Lace*



Rustic Geometric Floral.JPG

Rustic Floral*

Rustic Lantern Strip.JPG

Rustic Lantern*

Rustic Pinecones.JPG

Rustic Pinecones*

Rustic Sunflowers.JPG

Rustic Sunflowers*

Secret Santa.JPG

Secret Santa*

Simple Square.JPG

Simple Squares*



Striped Jewel Tones.JPG

Striped Jewel Tones

2x6 Winter Wonderland.JPG

Winter Wonderland

Postcard Templates

Delicate Pearls.JPG

Delicate Pearls*

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend.JPG

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend*

Geometric Floral Postcard.JPG

Geometric Floral*

Great Gatsby Postcard.JPG

Great Gatsby

Painted Leaves.JPG

Painted Leaves

Rustic Geometric Floral Postcard.JPG

Rustic Floral*

Rustic Lantern Postcard.JPG

Rustic Lantern*

Simple Greenery.JPG

Simple Greenery*

Sweet Swirls.JPG

Sweet Swirls*



Diamonds Forever.JPG

Diamonds Forever*

Eucalyptus Postcard.JPG


Geometric Succulent.JPG

Geometric Succulent

Holiday Lights.JPG

Holiday Lights*

Retro Party.JPG

Retro Party*

Rustic Lace.JPG

Rustic Lace*

Shining Fall.JPG

Shining Fall*

Simply Elegant.JPG

Simply Elegant*

Travel Destination.JPG

Travel Destination* 

Watercolor Geometric.JPG

Watercolor Geometric

All templates marked with an asterisk (*) can be modified with different colors.